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hey it's priscilla. i am an aspiring dietition, vegetarian, health freak that loves running and coming up with recipes.

i have tons already on my blog, and i like posting new ones every once in a while so check those out.

i hope you guys like my blog :)

Let food be thy medicine. - Hippocrates

It’s been a year..

.. and a very exciting one at that.

It’s been a year since I started my weight loss and health journey, well technically I started December 31st, but I’m only a few days off.

There have been many ups and downs but I have accomplished and done a lot that I haven’t ever done before.

I did blogilates, joined cross country, I haven’t had fast food in a year, and I quit soda until October (my birthday) haha so that’s a ten month fast from soda.

Yeah I have done much more too , small things like making my own lunch, refusing sweets except on cheat days, and just disciplining myself.

I have gone through ups and downs and unfortunately ended on a down , but temptations from Halloween thanksgiving and Christmas through me off a bit and I did gain 5 pounds from those holidays. But overall I did great and tried my hardest. If was a tough year of challenges and I made it through. And I am most definitely excited for this upcoming year!

I want to try new things and be the healthiest I can be. I really can’t wait.

I hope you all are doing well too and that you all enjoyed your 2013 and are ready for 2014.

XC Update :)

GUYS. Today is day 6 of XC and I was able to run two miles without stopping once.

day 1 i could barely run 1 mile, about day 3 or 4 i could do the one, yesterday I was pretty much dead and I barely did the second mile. But today, I RAN THE TWO MILES FULLY.

this is such an accomplishment for me.

to go from no miles to 2 in 6 days makes me smile. i’m so proud and i’m trying to aim for the three now.

I think what helped me the most was that today someone showed me correct posture for running, I was breathing only through my mouth and i was kind of hunches over.

correct posture would be standing straight, not kicking your legs behind you, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth and it helped to look straight ahead in stead of at my feet (no i didn’t bump into a pole haha)


but yeah, just wanted to update you on my progress :)

healthy hair is happy hair :)

i’ve been dying my hair since i was 8, and 7 years later i suffer with the consequences; dry, damaged, frizzy, uncontrollable hair. But i have found a solution.

problem: dry, damaged, frizzy, not soft, not shiny, ugly, UNCONTROLLABLY TERRIBLE HAIR, dyed hair.

solution: these following products. idk how but over the last year i have found all of them, all recommended to me, and they have all played a part in how yummy (lol yummy) and soft and shiny and controllable my hair is now!

i am going to give you my routine and other masks you can do on your hair i have either tried, or seen work on other people! because just cause it works on me, or doesn’t work on me, doesn’t mean it won’t or will work on you! ha, confusing sentence.

number 1: Mirta De Perales Oil Treatment For Dry Hair (i use this 3x a week or more! i just put it in my hair for 30 minutes and rinse it off in the shower.)


number 2: horse shampoo & conditioner Mane and Tale (yes, i’m weird i use horse sham. and condit. but it works so don’t judge and pick it up for  yourself. its easy to get your hands on.)


number 3: Garnier Fructis Anti Frizz Serum (i put this on right out of the shower on towel dried hair. but i leave my hair like 50% still wet.)


number 4: DON’T BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR. this will dry it out more. and that is no good. we didn’t spend all this money for nothing.

number 5: after your hair is dry, brush it and  apply some Chi SIlk Insfusion. This stuff is the bomb dot com.


other things you can do!! : 

coconut oil (use the same as if using the mirta de perales, it’s a good substitute for it. i use both LOL)


the mirta de perales shampoo and conditioner


plain yogurt and olive oil hair mask (just mix a good amount of each, depending on hair length, put it on your hair, and then wash it out.)



egg mask (crack an egg, separate the yolk and white. store the white for recipes, and rub the yolk in your hair! wash out in the shower)


other tips:

don’t blow dry your hair, if you must use the cool setting.

try to only use heat products like straightening and curling irons 2x a month to 1x a week.

don’t wash your hair everyday, the natural oils in your hair that accumulate after not washing your hair is good for moisturizing it.

those are all my hair tricks and tips and secrets to no more dry hair! enjoy guys!

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